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Heavy Duty Flangemount Blowers

Heavy-Duty Flangemount Blowers are designed for applications such as commercial or high-use engine room ventilation and extraction where a longlife requirement demands heavy-duty motors with long brush life. Built to provide the same high outputs as our standard specification blowers.

5,000 hour motor life for the heaviest of applications.

Continuous duty.

Efficient high-volume air flow.

Outlet flange mounts directly on bulkhead.

Slip-on inlet ducting connection.

Low current draw.

Corrosion-resistant materials throughout.

Dimensionally stable, quiet-running Delrin rotors.

Complies with USCG 183.410 and ISO 8846 MARINE (Ignition Protection).

DC only. ISO 9097 MARINE (Electric Fans).

Fitting Dimensions Weight Volume
4" (100mm) ducting (24cm x 22cm x 23cm) DC:(2.7kg) AC: (3.6kg) 250cfm (7.1m3/min) output

Model Description Price
35760-0092 12V DC, flangemount, fuse 15 amp 571.20 €
35760-0094 24V DC, flangemount, fuse 10 amp 571.20 €

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