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Electric conversion kit for manual toilets

This design makes installation of electric toilets both affordable and practical.
Boatbuilders find it easier to offer the option of electric or manual toilets to their customers.
Boat owners appreciate modern design and the safety of a unit that can be reconverted to manual operation inside fifteen minutes in the event of a power failure. Boatbuilders and boat owners benefit from a conversion kit that makes use of existing manual toilet plumbing.
Complete for 29090/29120 Series, compact and regular bowl, left or right hand manual toilets.
Simple rotary control knob offers choice of Flush and Discharge or Discharge Only. Existing discharge plumbing remains undisturbed for ease of installation. Low power consumption, typically less than the equivalent of 1.0 amp/hour each day. Vigorous 5 GPM (20 LPM) flush rate for rapid flushing, typically less than 10 seconds. Crevice-free contours for added hygiene.
Two powerful, self-priming pumps for above or below waterline installation. Dual role design macerates waste for both overboard discharge and holdings tanks. Automatic inlet water checkvalve for additional security.
Corrosion-resistant materials throughout for reliable fresh or salt water service.
Manual pump may be refitted to maintain service in the event of power failure.
Strong, abrasion-resistant plastic moldings for consistent color match and high gloss finish.
Retains existing joker valve to maintain automatic back-flow protection.
Complies with USCG 183.410 and ISO 8846 MARINE (Ignition Protection).

Jabsco toilet conversion
Fitting Size Weight
3/4" (19mm) ID inlet hose, and
for existing discharge elbow and outlet hose
9cmx15cm x27cm 3.3kg

Model Description Price
29200-0120 Toilet conversion, 12V DC, fuse 25 amp 813.64 €
29200-0240 Toilet conversion, 24V DC, fuse 15 amp 822.26 €
29101-0000 Service Kit, Seals and Gaskets 148.12 €

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